Visit Campania and take the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience that combines art and history, natural beauty and long-forgotten traditions. 

A spiritual journey through Campania, following a series of routes that enable you to engage with the spirit of the sites. From peaceful mountain trails, where you can enjoy the natural rhythms of the passage of time, to festivals in honour of the Saints, where you can mingle with the locals: discover Campania’s various hidden souls through its rituals, traditions, history, and ancient artistic treasures. 


The Campania Region has teamed up with the Assessorato allo Sviluppo e Promozione del Turismo [Department of Tourism Development and Promotion] as part of the excellence projects funded by MiBACT, to launch “CAMPANIA PERCORSI DELL’ANIMA” [CAMPANIA PATHS OF THE SOUL]. This initiative promotes the region’s extraordinary, unmissable heritage, combining slow tourism with itineraries of natural and religious interest, and linking up various faith-based monuments.


Various communication tools have been launched as part of this Campania religious tourism project. These include:

  • the web platform is the Campania Region’s official tourism platform. Here, visitors can plan their experience from the comfort of their homes, and choose the itinerary that best suits their needs;
  • the Campania Percorsi dell’Anima mobile app allows tourists to find their geolocation, and view all of the relevant information on the main points of religious interest;
  • a spiritual route documentation system, consisting of passports, stamps, and certificates of achievement;
  • signposts and notices, to guide tourists along the nature trails and cycling itineraries.


Campania Percorsi dell’Anima is aimed at anyone who would like to discover Campania and its vast heritage, which can be explored on foot or by bike.
Spiritual walks along themed routes, cycling and hiking tours are suitable for families, friends and solo travellers.


The region offers various sources of inspiration, which we have broken down into four main themes:

  1. ROUTES DEDICATED TO OUR LADY: Mother Earth, Celestial Mother, creator and protector, has been worshipped in Campania since the beginning of time.
  2. ROUTES DEDICATED TO ST. MICHAEL: from Cilento to the Sannio and Irpinia walks, devotion to Michael the Archangel is as old as the religion itself.
  3. ROUTES DEDICATED TO THE SAINTS: dedicated to important people who have had a lasting impact on the spiritual life of the region, and whose sites have become pilgrimage destinations.
  4. HISTORICAL ROUTES: the history of the Campania region is tied up with the tradition of pilgrimage to sacred sites, and with the historical charity of the Church that, through its generosity, helped to ease the burden of those in difficulty.


The spiritual sites are the Campania region’s most important spiritual destinations, and are spread evenly across the region. Multimedia information is available for each place, to engage the visitor and allow them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

  1. Cathedral of Maria Santissima Assunta – Benevento
  2. Convent of the Friars Minor Capuchin – Pietrelcina (BN)
  3. Duomo OF Casertavecchia “San Michele Arcangelo” – Casertavecchia (CE)
  4. Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption – Napoli
  5. Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary – Pompei (NA)
  6. The Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity – Cava dei Tirreni (SA)
  7. Shrine of St. Maria of Montevergine – Mercogliano (AV)
  8. Cathedral of St. Matthew and St. Gregory the Great – Salerno
  9. Cathedral of St. Santa Mary Major – Teggiano (SA)
  10. Shrine of St. Gerard Majella – Caposele (AV)
  11. Abbey of St. William at Goleto – Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi (AV)


The Campania – Percorsi dell’Anima passport serves as evidence of your spiritual, cultural and emotional journey along the Percorsi dell’Anima in Campania: an official document that takes you beyond your daily routine, constantly inspiring you to set off and embark on a journey of discovery.

Passports are available free-of-charge at the spiritual sites, allowing visitors to collect the stamps.

Each spiritual site represents one destination, and has its own symbol to remind visitors of their experiences and document their growth. Staff at the various destinations will stamp visitors’ passports. Each passport should have just one stamp from each site.

The title of Spiritual Traveller is reserved for those who undertake the experience with dedication, introspection and respect for nature and faith.

It is conferred upon those who collect the stamps and receive an offic¬ial certificate. Present your passport at one of the collection points to receive a free, stamped and validated certificate of achievement.

Download the spiritual route documentation system user guide


Download the Campania Percorsi dell’Anima mobile app to your smartphone or tablet, to receive guidance along the way thanks to the satellite positioning system and enjoy augmented reality projections thanks to the integrated camera.

Travellers are safe in the knowledge that they are never alone, as they follow the routes marked out by signposts and notices; the positioning system is useful should travellers get into difficulty, or in the event of urgent rescue requests.

The App includes monuments and attractions, opening hours and contact information, and original tourist information with multimedia guides.

The video and audio guides allow you to discover trivia and hidden secrets about your destination and include local accounts, to provide you with a unique experience, enhanced by the warmth of the local community.




Azione realizzata nell’ambito del progetto Slow Campania finanziato con fondi del MiBACT e della Regione Campania